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Charity Single

So I'd put the feelers out for help, it was literally a matter of minutes before the virtual letter box started flapping.... first to get their name down was Eddie Mooney (The Fortunes) closely followed by Glen Leon & Jules Benjamin (The New Amen Corner), soon the names just kept coming, Keith Slater (Vivo) Edward Cox, Laura Dennis, Gareth Rockwell, Kennie Delanie, Roland leRoc (The Mersey Legends) James Austin (Warners) Jana Draper Ogley (Warners) Nancy Ann Lee (little miss sixties) Ian Michael (The Mcoys uk & The Cufflinks), 

So the names were in, now I just had to dycext the song into 19 sections and email the given parts out to individuals...

Soon the parts starting coming in via email, and now it was up to me to start putting this giant jigsaw together....

Finally all parts were in, and after 18hrs of sitting in the studio (not continuously) the jigsaw was finally coming together.... slowly bit by bit, coming together as 1 song.

Final Mix Day..... "yeah should only take a couple of hours" until you play it back, and theres a bit here, and a bit there that needs tweaking, another 5hrs later and ta da... We hope you enjoy the final product, with all money raised being donated to NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER

As one of our contributors to the single lost his father to Covid 19 recently and my own sister in law lost her father to this terrible virus we have decided as a collective to skip the Entertainers fund and just simply donate to NHS charities together.

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