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From The Gap

Duo - Tom Harding & Simon Paul

From the Gap came together several years ago, but under a different name, known back then as 'Heart & Soul' Tom and Simon played select venues around the UK, as with their busy schedule with The Union Gap, there was only select days that the boys could perform, without working 8 days a week, the lads were happy working weekends and occasional midweek with the band and fitting in a couple of Duo gigs here and there.... but lately as more and more shows for the boys kept coming in, and trying to arrange them around the Band shows, they found themselves alot busier than expected.... with putting their heads together with agents, theyve managed to sort a Diary out that pleases everyone.

Do not expect to see a 'slimmed down version' of a Union Gap show, this is a completely different show, with a few songs from the 1960s but predomently the boys have decided to go along the 70's & 80's path, with a lively, Explosive Jukebox Show... with songs that you will definetley know and want to have a damn good dance too...

From The Gap - Duo: Bio
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